Media Design Services 

BD Biosciences – Advanced Bioprocessing has a proven track record in building optimal production media to meet the stringent requirements of biopharmaceutical drugs. Our media design services provide a customized solution to our customers with time, budget and quality in mind.  Our proven iterative methodology provides predictability, transparency and results.

Read below to learn more about our Media Design Services.

Media Library Panel Screen

Our media design experts will perform a media panel screen against our rich library of proprietary media for customers with no pre-existing base medium or an unsatisfactorily performing base medium to find a high performance medium quickly. A standard media library screen engagement lasts approximately two-to-four months, after which customers will be provided a summary analysis report and working sample medium.

Full Medium Design

With our full medium design services, BD Biosciences - Advanced Biosciences will work with you to understand the critical requirements and nutrient needs of your cell line to develop a specifically tailored medium from scratch.  Throughout the engagement, you will receive regular progress reports, a detailed analysis report and a working sample medium at the conclusion.

Full Medium and Feed Design

For customers working in fed-batch production systems, we will develop a base medium as described above, along with a feed medium and strategy. Many customers find this service invaluable when moving into full production. 

Specialty Media Service

This fast turnaround service offers customers a targeted medium solution for atypical cell lines based on our industry knowledge and expertise. Offering limited analytical testing, our media specialists provide a recommendation or a prototype medium formulation for unique and atypical cell lines within one to two months.

Collaborative Partnership

Over the years, BDAB has worked with some of the most notable biopharmaceutical companies in collaboration to solve some of their larger bioproduction problems.  In partnership, we work closely together to develop new methodologies, formulations or technologies. 

To learn more about our Media Design Services please call 844.626.5319 to speak with a BDAB Sales Associate.