BD Accuri C6 Plus

Services and Support

BD Biosciences is fully committed to the success and satisfaction of its customers and offers a range of options for BD Accuri support.

Fast, easy installation

The BD Accuri C6 cytometer can be customer installed within just an hour of taking it out of the box. A step-by-step quick start guide simplifies installation.
Video demonstrating initial setup procedure

Preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance procedures should be performed every two months to change the sheath filter, pump tubing, and fluidic filters, and to clean the SIP.
Video demonstrating general preventative maintenance procedures
Video demonstrating SIP maintenance procedure
Video demonstrating CSampler alignment procedure

Technical application support

Our technical application support specialists are available to provide field- or phone-based assistance and advice. Expert in a diverse array of topics, technical application specialists are well equipped to address customer needs in both instrument and application support.


If desired, optional hands-on training is available on the BD Accuri C6 cytometer. The training combines flow cytometry theory and practical skills to operate the BD Accuri C6 cytometer.

From June 30th, 2012, new BD Accuri™ C6 flow cytometers are shipped with rebranded software - BD Accuri™ C6 Software or BD CSampler™ Software. The functionality of both programs remains unchanged from previous versions.