Factory-Optimized Settings and Intuitive Controls

The compact optical bench features reduced-footprint lasers, steering optics, and custom-built lens holders to enable the BD FACSJazz™ to support a wide range of applications. The cytometer uses just a few controls that can be easily learned and managed. The simplified optical layout allows easy alignment while providing the stability necessary for high-sensitivity measurements, without the need for frequent adjustments.

Up to three lasers for support of six colors

The BD FACSJazz uses advanced lasers to achieve performance in a benchtop fit. Up to three lasers can be selected, including a standard blue laser and optional red, violet, and yellow-green lasers for a maximum of six supported colors from two- or three-laser configurations. Independent laser focusing lenses make multi-laser alignment straightforward and precise.

A wide range of fluorophores supported

Researchers can choose a laser configuration based on the fluorophores that will be used. The blue laser supports FSC, SSC, FITC/GFP, PE, PerCP-Cy™5.5, and PE-Cy™7; the red laser supports APC and APC-Cy7; the violet laser supports BD Horizon™ V450, BD Horizon™ Brilliant Violet™ 421, DAPI, and BD Horizon™ V500; and the yellow-green laser supports DsRed, PE, mCherry, PE-CF594, PE-Cy5 and PE-Cy7. See the BD FACSJazz Filter Guide for a complete list of system configurations and filter specifications. Lasers can be added or changed onsite if future requirements change.

Collection optics filters precisely match the lasers and fluorophores in the BD FACSJazz configuration. Careful selection of lasers and filters simplifies compensation and instrument operation.

Simplified system alignment

Most alignment controls are fixed to simplify lens positioning in the BD FACSJazz. For example, to achieve a consistent laser spot size on the stream, the distance of the lens-focusing element to the stream is fixed.

Pinhole camera view

The patented optical design uses a special pinhole camera to image the stream and the pinholes simultaneously, simplifying optical alignment. With the help of the pinhole camera, near-optimal alignment can be achieved within seconds without using beads.

Stream breakoff
Stream breakoff
The BD FACSJazz charges drops containing the cells of interest at the precise moment that they break off from the fluid jet stream, deflecting them into a collection device. This illustration visualizes breakoff as seen from the pinhole camera view.
Adipose-derived stem cell GFP expression profiling
Adipose-derived stem cell GFP expression profiling
Adipose-derived stem cells expressing GFP were co-cultured with pancreatic tumor cells and run on the BD FACSJazz. The GFP-positive cells were sorted at 6,000 cells per second in 1.5-drop pure mode and collected into 15-mL tubes. Data courtesy of Dr. Karen Clise-Dwyer, Director South Campus Flow Cytometry & Cell Sorting Core Facility, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, USA.

APC-Cy7: US Patent 5,714,386

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