BD Phosflow Cell Signaling

A wide choice of high-quality antibodies to phosphoprotein and cell-surface markers empowers researchers with the flexibility to explore a diverse range of signaling pathways and cell types, with consistent results.

Dependable analysis for different sample types

Optimized buffers and protocols for a variety of sample types, including human whole blood, human PBMCs, mouse thymocytes, and mouse splenocytes reduce the need for time consuming optimization. Available data on different stimulators tested for whole blood and PBMCs, as well as 4-color combinations for multiplexed analysis of T cells and B cells in whole blood and PBMCs, reduces upfront troubleshooting.

Tested protocols for high throughput screening

BD Phosflow technology is readily scalable to 96-well plate processing and analysis. With the protocols provided, hundreds of samples can be analyzed per day, providing the most information rich cell based phosphoprotein screen available for drug discovery and development.

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