An Innovative and Upgradeable Solution for CD4 Monitoring

With the BD FACSLyric™ system, clinical laboratories can obtain repeatable and reliable results for CD4 monitoring and immune status analysis.

BD FACSLyric™ provides a solution for CD4 assays, delivering improved clinical performance and accuracy in diagnosis with increased process efficiency and standardization.

  • BD Tritest™ and BD Multitest™ reagents, formulated to be used with BD Trucount™ tubes, provide absolute counting capability
  • BD FACSuite™ clinical software, with predefined templates for 3, 4, and 6-color TBNK analysis, provides reproducible and consistent results
  • Each reagent includes a cocktail of multiple fluorescently-labeled monoclonal antibodies, premixed at the appropriate titer to ensure quality staining
FACSLyric - Applications - Sample Data

Streamlined methodology for ease of use

  1. Add 20 µL of BD Tritest or BD Multitest™ reagent to a BD Trucount™ tube
  2. Add 50 µL of well-mixed whole blood and vortex gently to mix
  3. Incubate in the dark for 15 minutes
  4. Add 450 µL of BD FACS™ Lysing solution and vortex gently to mix
  5. Incubate in the dark for 15 minutes
  6. Analyze sample on BD FACSLyric™ system

Class 1 Laser Product.
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