BD FACSCanto Clinical

Optimized workflow improves efficiency

Innovations in the fluidics system deliver optimal system performance. This includes the fixed flow cell design which minimizes startup time and improves reproducibility.

In the fluidics system, the sample travels up the sample injection tube, and hydrodynamic focusing within the flow cell forces particles into a single-file stream where laser light intercepts the stream at the sample interrogation point. The unique flow cell design permits particles to flow through the center of the flow cell. Increasing the sample pressure increases the core diameter and the flow rate.

Pressurized fluidics regulate pressure from an easy-to-access standalone fluidics cart

A fluidics cart holds large fluid tanks necessary to operate and maintain the instrument. For sample acquisition, positive-pressure pumps in the fluidics cart send sheath fluid past a 0.2-μm filter to a pressurized interior reservoir inside the instrument called the plenum. The plenum maintains a nearly constant fluid level and dampens pump pulsation using a dynamic feedback pressure control system designed to regulate pressure. As a result, sheath flow rate does not vary with the level of fluid in the sheath cubitainer, and the reservoir automatically removes small air bubbles from the sheath supply.

Automation simplifies daily procedures

Daily routine procedures, such as startup, shutdown, and routine cleaning cycles, are automated as a result of fluidic integration with BD FACSCanto™ clinical software. BD FACS™ shutdown solution prevents salt crystal buildup in fluidics lines and is supplemented with a preservative to prevent bacterial growth. During the instrument shutdown procedure, BD FACS shutdown solution replaces sheath fluid in all sample and sheath fluid lines.

BD FACS™ Loader for walkaway operation

The Loader is an instrument option that allows walkaway sample introduction to further improve productivity. The Loader carousel accommodates up to forty 12 x 75-mm tubes and automatically loads them on the BD FACSCanto system without operator intervention. Mounted directly on the cytometer, the device includes a drive system, a tube lifter mechanism, and sensors on the sliding drawer. The Loader cover safely protects technicians from moving parts during operation.

The Loader utilizes compressed air to allow a more reliable tube load as well as an intelligent tube guide mechanism that automatically sends an alert if a tube is not properly positioned for loading.

A unique ID and optically readable label are printed on each carousel for easy carousel identification. The Loader is operated using BD FACSCanto clinical software and BD FACSDiva™ software.
Monitoring HIV—identification and enumeration of lymphocyte subsets

Monitoring HIV—identification and enumeration of lymphocyte subsets

The BD Multitest™ 6-color TBNK kit is the first and only 6-color In Vitro Diagnostic application to provide a complete immune panel in a single tube, saving valuable time and resources for sample processing.