BD Accuri C6

A unique, non-pressurized, peristaltic pump system drives the fluidics. The system accurately monitors the sample volume pulled per run, and can calculate absolute counts or sample concentration per µL without the use of counting beads. These absolute counts are more precise and far less tedious than manual counts.

The system supports a wide array of sample tubes. Fluidics are cleaned automatically on instrument shutdown, and laboratory-grade water is used as sheath fluid, reducing operating costs.

For walkaway convenience, the optional BD CSampler™ Plus accessory offers reliable and easy-to-use automation. The BD CSampler Plus adds minimal footprint to the BD Accuri™ C6 Plus.

Sample Flexibility with Optional Walkaway Sample Loading

Accuri C6 Plus Fluidics - Body Image

BD CSampler Plus automatic sampling accessory

The optional accessory offers reliable, easy-to-use automation while adding minimal footprint. The BD CSampler Plus supports:

  • 48-well plates
  • 96-well plates
  • 96-deep-well plates
  • 24-tube rack (included) for standard 12 x 75-mm tubes

Faster, simpler protocol with continuous sampling capability

Continuous sampling on the BD Accuri C6 Plus

Continuous sampling on the BD Accuri C6 Plus

Easily add external agents without interrupting data acquisition. Jurkat cells were pre-loaded with the calcium indicator BD Pharmingen™ Fluo-4 AM. Calcium levels increased immediately after treatment with the calcium ionophore A23187 (left plot), but not after treatment with DMSO control (right).

Bead-free cell counts in the lab and in the field

The unique fluidics system of the BD Accuri C6 Plus, driven by peristaltic pumps, allows it to determine sample volume and count cells rapidly, directly, and automatically from the software, eliminating laborious plate counts. Direct counts on the BD Accuri C6 Plus correlate highly with counting beads and are more precise than manual counts.

Bacterial viability on the BD Accuri C6 Plus

Bacterial viability on the BD Accuri C6 Plus

SYBR® Green and propidium iodide (PI) were used to discriminate live vs dead E. coli bacteria after treatment with varying concentrations of ethanol. Ethanol’s bactericidal effect on cell viability was dose-dependent. Cell counts were similar using direct volume measurement in BD Accuri C6 Plus software compared to a normalized internal reference bead control.

All reagents and kits are compatible with both the BD Accuri C6 Plus and BD Accuri C6 flow cytometer systems. Platforms referred to as "BD Accuri" represent both the BD Accuri C6 Plus and BD Accuri C6. Data was generated on either the BD Accuri C6 Plus or the BD Accuri C6 as indicated in figure legends.