BD FACSAria Fusion

Proven dependability and ease-of-use put the system in a class of its own.

The BD FACSAria™ Fusion has been verified to meet personnel and product protection standards for a Class II Type A2 biosafety cabinet, the National Sanitation Foundation International Standard 49, the European Standard 12469, and the Australian Standard AS 2252.2–2009. The BD FACSAria Fusion cell sorter is also available without a biosafety cabinet, but this can be easily installed at a later date as a field upgrade.

To further enhance biosafety protection, the BD FACSAria Fusion has a number of redundant design features that further reduce the risk of operator exposure. For example, while the biosafety cabinet protects the operator from aerosol exposure during a sort, the built-in Aerosol Management System (AMS) also evacuates aerosols. However, the AMS operates independently of the cabinet for an added measure of safety.

To achieve unrivaled sensitivity and resolution, the BD FACSAria Fusion has precisely integrated fluidic and optical systems to maximize signal detection. Optimized fiber-launched lasers improve sensitivity and resolution for each color in a multicolor assay, and innovations such as the patented flow cell with gel-coupled cuvette ensure performance, safety, and ease-of-use. With the BD FACSAria Fusion, the complex world of cell sorting now is open to a broader audience of researchers and wider range of applications.