BD FACSCanto Clinical

Keeps operations at peak efficiency

To keep your lab operating at peak throughput and efficiency, the BD FACSCanto™ system automates many features to help streamline the process and reduce hands-on time for operators. The BD FACS™ Loader, for example, allows operators to walk away from the cytometer after the samples are introduced, to free time for other activities.

Features including quality control and single-tube instrument setup help operators rapidly learn how to run routine clinical applications, improving the reliability and consistency of results. To further simplify operation, BD FACSCanto™ clinical software automates setup, compensation analysis, and quality control for predefined clinical applications.

Innovations to improve care

The first BD FACSCanto system was introduced in 2004. Since then, there have been many innovations in the product line, reflecting our commitment to reach to ever higher standards. Today’s BD FACSCanto system features a fixed-alignment flow cell in the fluidics system that minimizes startup time and improves reproducibility. To increase sensitivity and resolution for each color in a multicolor assay, a patented optical design maximizes signal detection.

Together these capabilities make the BD FACSCanto system one of the most powerful and reliable cell analyzers for busy, best-in-class clinical laboratories.