Multicolor Flow Cytometry

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The journey to “see what nature is hiding” using flow cytometry begins by understanding the biology of your cells and the relative brightness of fluorochromes. To maximize resolution, bright fluorochromes are used to resolve dim antigens. Enabling brighter fluorescence signals, BD Horizon Brilliant™ polymer dyes are perhaps the most significant advancement in reagent technology in a decade.


By understanding antigen density—the number of cell surface receptors on a cell—researchers can understand which antibody/fluorochrome combinations are candidates for panels.


Delivering information from multiple parameters simultaneously, a single flow cytometry experiment can speed the path to discovery. Traditionally, this is accomplished using many fluorochromes on a few lasers and subsequently addressing spectral overlap using compensation. The more colors used, the more overlap and the more complex the experiment.


Biology is seldom simple, but by leveraging new tools and methods, you can speed your journey to see nature more clearly. Our single goal at BD Biosciences is to equip you with the ability to be more efficient and effective in your research by making flow cytometry more powerful and easier to use.


Discover a new way of looking at fluorochromes and markers that can maximize the number of parameters achievable on any instrument.

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