Stem Cell Research

Flow cytometry has been used for decades by biologists studying hematopoietic stem cells to address the challenge of heterogeneity.

New methods and tools are enabling researchers to employ this powerful technique to make key discoveries about other stem cell types and their respective lineages.

Researchers can use fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies to either cell surface or intracellular biomarkers to verify that stem cells have maintained pluripotency. Since stem cells differentiate into the three primary germ layers and into differentiated tissue, antibodies can monitor their changing expression patterns. Analysis based on cell surface markers can preserve cell viability for use in additional experiments. BD Lyoplate™ cell surface marker screening panels provide a powerful method for discovering surface marker signatures that can be used to explore these cells in depth.

BD Biosciences offers a diverse set of tools including high-quality antibodies, buffers, protocols, and instrumentation to support stem cell research. This evolving toolset combines the power of advanced technologies and world-class service to support investigators in characterizing, analyzing, and sorting heterogeneous stem cell populations.