Intracellular flow cytometry is a powerful technique for the identification of cell types and the analysis of signaling and functional responses within cell lines and heterogeneous cell samples.

This site summarizes the tools and techniques, including BD fluorochromeconjugated antibodies, buffers, kits, and protocols that support intracellular staining, cytokine staining, phosphoprotein expression, and transcription factor detection by intracellular flow cytometry.

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Fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies, buffers, kits, and protocols to facilitate intracellular flow cytometry. BD antibodies are tested in biologically relevant model systems. These established tools enable new discoveries in fields such as immunology, inflammation, and stem cell biology.



An overview of general techniques for intracellular flow cytometry and of specific methods for detection of cytokines and inflammatory mediators, transcription factors, phosphoproteins, and combinations of these target molecules.

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