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Broad portfolio of high-quality dyes and conjugates expand experimental design options

BD’s broad portfolio of fluorochromes featuring the BD Horizon Brilliant™ dyes offers flexibility for experimental design. Leverage the principles of antigen density and relative fluorochrome brightness to optimally design your panel.

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BD OptiBuild™ custom reagents offer on-demand access to hundreds of specificities associated with a range of BD Horizon Brilliant dyes and are available in small sizes with quick turnaround times. This new portfolio of conjugates complements the existing catalog reagents that previously had limited color options with a wide selection of cell-surface antibodies. Please contact to explore how you can simplify the addition of markers to your experiments for your high parameter custom solutions.

FACSSymphony Reagents - Table

Prototypes of BD Horizon Brilliant™ dyes (-P)

BD Life Sciences is committed to continuing to develop new BD Horizon Brilliant dyes across various laser lines to improve the spectral properties of dyes and minimize the need for compensation in higher-order panels.

BD FACSymphony™ system owners receive early access to a suite of prototype dyes for use in high parameter panel design. Although these dyes are near completion and have received initial quality specifications, they may undergo additional development that could result in minor performance changes. The –P nomenclature indicates the prototypic nature of the dyes, and any significant changes to the structure of the dye to optimize performance will be appropriately communicated to customers.

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FACSSymphony Reagents - Spectra

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

Note: For specificities not yet available in the catalog or through BD OptiBuild™ custom reagents, high parameter users have access to a small-scale custom conjugation program for BD Horizon Brilliant dyes, including early access to the high parameter dye menu described above.

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