Customizable Solutions For Your Media And Feed Development Needs

With more than 25 years in designing production media for the biopharmaceutical industry, BD Biosciences – Advanced Bioprocessing offers a full of range of services from custom media and feed formulations to optimization of existing media and feeds.  Our experience, combined with our proven methodology and extensive analytical capabilities, allow us to provide customers with customized medium solutions to meet their timeline and budget needs.

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Do you need to enhance your current medium to increase performance quickly or are you looking to develop a new custom medium to meet the exact needs of your cell line? The matrix below allows for you to easily identify which of design service will best suit your current needs.

I have a medium formulation. I need a medium formulation. I need a feed strategy.
Length of Engagement 1-2 months Supplement Screen Specialty Medium Formulation
2-4 months Medium Enhancement Media Library Panel Screen Feed Strategy Development
4-6 months Full Medium Design
6+ months Collaborative Partnership Full Medium Design and Feed Development

To learn more about our Media Design Services please call 844.626.5319 to speak with a BDAB Sales Associate.