BD OptiBuild Reagents

BD OptiBuild™ custom reagents offer more fluorochrome options with the antibodies you need. Whether you want to minimize compensation or add new markers to complex experiments, BD OptiBuild reagents provide flexibility to evaluate new colors and simplify your panel design.

Unlike traditional large scale, expensive custom conjugates, these reagents come in a convenient 50-μg vials and can be ordered the same way as any catalog reagent. Your products are made on demand, and we aim to deliver within two weeks of receiving your order.*


Access to BD OptiBuild reagents simplifies panel design. These products complement the existing reagent portfolio to give you flexibility.

Sample Data

The journey to portfolio expansion is told by data. Be confident in BD OptiBuild reagents as a cornerstone of your experimental design workflow.

*Reagents are manufactured in the US and shipped to Europe; Delivery times to the EU may vary slightly according to regional shipping schedules. Please consult with your local sales representative for details.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.