• Fixable Viability Stain (FVS): 4 + 1

    Buy 4 flow reagents online get one FVS dye free. Use code VIABLE1.

    Excluding FVS 575V

  • BSB Plus: Get a free one

    Buy 6 BD Horizon Brilliant dyes reagents and get 1 BSB Plus for free when using BSBPLUS code.

    Only available for digital purchase on our e-commerce website

  • BD OptEIA

    Benefit 30% off on your ELISA kits/sets using the code ELISA30 in your orders.

  • FITC conjugates

    Use the code FITC030 in you order to get 30% discount in FITC antibodies.

  • PE conjugates

    Use the code PEAB030 in your order to get 30% discount in PE antibodies.

  • APC conjugates

    Use the code APCX030 in your order to get 30% discount in APC antibodies.

Offers may not be combined with other discounts
Distributors excluded from discounts
Discounts valid through 30 June 2018

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